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blog post # 1 – why am I writing all this stuff?

Does it not seem odd to everyone that there are next to no good news stories about humanity’s future?
All bad, all doom and gloom, we can’t change the path we’re on…basically we’re fcuked…

Well, that’s why I’m writing – I am sick and tired of negativity.
What does all this negativity attract? More negativity.

More problems, more drama, more bad karma floating around our atmosphere.
We are a cancer to our host.

STOP STOP STOP!!! Enough of that!

Because if really no one believes in the positive things anymore, then of course they are not going to come into existence. And if no one even talks about the possibility of a positive future, if no one even entertains any notions that somehow, against all odds, humanity will turn it all around mighty quick and make Earth thrive again…then yeah, then what?

Is that really what we want, living as we do right now, waiting for the decline to hit us square in the face?

Is witnessing the slow death of a planet and all its species desirable?
True, we’ve kind of been witnessing that for a while now.
And yeah, most would agree, it’s pretty sad to see life being extinguished. And lives.

It’s a scary outlook, the death of our home planet.
Now how about the peaceful transition to a latest generation model of existence on Earth? How does that sound?
Scary? Too hard? Naive? Impossible? Silly? Full of uncertainty?
Yeah yeah, go away naysayers.
How about: Fun? Inviting? Inclusive? Proactive? Full of possibilities?
Honestly, restructuring world society would be a pretty awesome thing, right?

Well, our very own human nature is absolutely wired for that positive future. We are all about cooperation and love!
In 2013, I can say that without sounding like a hippie heart throb, because there is plenty of scientific evidence that humans thrive in loving, fair, equal societies.*
It’s a fact, so why deny it? Why keep quiet about it?
Why not motivate each other to live in a society just like that?

Believing in the Good of humankind has morphed into some sort of wacky disease!
One is labelled naive, communist or hippie.

Anyways, I am writing ‘the Vision’ and starting this website because more and more I am convinced that the good, positive future IS actually out there for us.
To make it happen we have to believe in it, manifest it, create it.
We have to talk about it, hear stories about it and daydream ourselves away to it.

We also have to give support and thanks to those who are actively fighting for power shifts in the big wide scary world of Corporations, Military, Capitalism, Governments, Religions etc.
In the end we are all forming small parts of this outdated system and those who are sacrificing their time, energy and often freedom to try and change the status quo, deserve our recognition.

So please, hang around the Portal to 2050 and see where it might take you!

“We are all important, we are all needed in the years to come! Nobody is worthless!”

*check out this video: