Where have all the bad times gone?

Do you know that Kinks track ‘Where have all the good times gone’?(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTch2Z6pn0w) Well, in the year of 2050 a cover version cheekily called ‘Where have all the bad times gone’ is released for the annual festivities celebrating the start of the Big World Revolution.

Other than that, I also thought about using ‘Where have all the bad times gone’ as a book title. It is a bit long though intriguing enough – if everybody weren’t so sold on stories about drama, war and psych terror!

Then there was ‘Our Future – worth fighting for’ – an expression with a certain sucked-out-ness, with the word ‘fight’ creating a definite thorn in my baby’s eye. Obviously I do agree with the statement, but it’s not quite title material.

How about ‘Old Society and the New Age’? Pretty catchy, but a bit, well…New-Agey. Also, I am writing about a family so something relating to the actual story might be more appropriate…

For a very short time I considered ‘The Change’. Then I realised I would forever think of Randy in Southpark: “Spare some change, anyone?” (Season 11, Episode 7) LOL Love Southpark, new season starting soon!!!

‘The Vision’ it is then. Not just a vision of a functional and fucking fun future (maybe that should be the book title – ‘The functional and fucking fun future!’ Fufufufu!) but also relating to the vision someone actually has in the story…

I’m excited and often overwhelmed by writing and editing ‘The Vision’. It’s a massive project. But to see, hear and feel that there are people everywhere interested in alternative future thinking, that there is a yearning for some positive stories from the future (that’s not a bad title either – Stories from the Future…) …that’s what motivates me to keep going, to make this vision of a novel a reality…

Love! Peace! Happiness!


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