A long time coming…

The day is finally here where I have published the first chapter of ‘The Vision’ online. My positive future fiction novel baby has been years in the making and will take at least another one or two to finish. Or maybe I will never finish it, but keep it going and going as a series that never ends. I sure feel I have enough stories about Leila and Rocco and all the other characters in ‘The Vision’ stored in my head to fill up many volumes! But for NOW, I am excited to share the beginning of my vision for our positive future. Humanity’s positive future. It is my quest to help People believe in this positive future, because if more People believe that it’s possible to turn things around, the more likely it will come true. And in order to believe in our positive future, we must be able to imagine it. And that’s where the story telling comes in.

Anyways, it’s been a long day editing the last bits and pieces, so please, enjoy 🙂 https://portalto2050.wordpress.com/the-vision/1-departure


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