Living the positive future

How to do that, we wonder.

Positive future living…pretty vague, too.

Wouldn’t it mean so many things to all the different people? What does it mean to you? I sure sounds hard. Being positive all the time… Plus, aren’t things way too far gone for us to even try? Human nature too dark and twisted to go down that ‘positive’ path which leads in the other direction?

Abundance and Peace – aren’t they outdated, hippie-ish, idealist and naive ideas that deserve to be ridiculed?

As I write this intro, especially the last sentence, I am shaking my head NO. Never too late too try. Not hard once we get started and ALL do it collectively. And human nature is like an onion – layer after layer of stuff, some hurts, some makes us and others cry, some beautiful and full of good stuff. Our onion-nature simply accumulates a lot of baggage that needs releasing and balancing in various ways along the track of our lives – but human beings are certainly not “bad-natured” by default.

And Abundance and Peace are the highest, most ethical, most moral, most wonderful and desirable goals to work and live for! Really, who would argue with that?

Labels get in our way a lot causing divisions…causing cracks in our unity… Seems to me like a good case for more community building, more individual empowerment, more bonding between different walks of life, more trust, more sharing and more connection.

Precisely our goals for the Zeitgeist Media Festival last month…Check out the article here.

Positive future living is possible RIGHT NOW!


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