Hi, I’m Caro Line, and I am a solarpunkster.

Born in Northern Germany in 1983, I now live in Brisbane, Australia.
Writing, reading, thinking and connecting the dots have always been major parts of my life. I am a generalist, interested in everything. A background in activism, advocacy, and the study of the universe informs my open mindset and fluid way of life.

Writing – Thinking – Activism – Research – Futurism – Education – Generalism – Dreaming – Mutualism – Synergy – Arts – Culture – Solar PV – Electric vehicles – Bodywork – and my pet project for 2018 (apart from finishing that damn wonderful novel):

SOS – Science Of Spirituality Of Science Of Spirituality Of Science Of Spirituality – SOS

A presentation that aims to marry up our fractured halves within to co-create happily every after (or at least in much less conflict with each other) and get us living true to our values.

I have support through a varied network of friends, colleagues, and elders, helping to test and sharpen my observations.

Organisations I actively endorse are LETS, The Zeitgeist Movement, Beyond Zero Emissions, The Venus Project, Swarm Dynamics, Artabana, and the Economy for the Common Good (Gemeinwohloekonomie). Oh but there are so many more good ones out there and I shall get to them all evenutally!!

Capitalism and I have a bit of a war going, I have not believed in the monetary system for a long time and have actively envisioned alternative futures for about a decade.

My goal is to inspire you, my brothers and sisters, and to connect with you.
My goal is to show how amazing the future can turn out to be.
My goal is to stir up sparks of excitement!


Peace & Love, siblings!



Any comments, questions or just wanna connect?