Supporting multi-dimensional perspectives and mental flexibility

Writing an optimistic, futurist novel…

…is no easy feat. It’s been 10 years since I started working on the novel. The full spectrum of human thoughts, emotions, and other habits has been hard at work here indeed!

This collection or, synergy of projects is some sort of supplementary data. It’s all somehow connected with the novel, and likely of interest to anyone keen to learn more about what it takes humanity et al to get “there.”

NEco (Neo Economy)

The currently dominating economic system is flawed in many ways – but lo and behold, the sicience is in and there are loads of alternatives and good ideas just waiting to be implemented. Get to know some of them!

Past Movers & Shakers

So many people before us, many of them thought leaders of their times, many far ahead of their – and at times even our – times. Find out about and give credit to some of the often obscure individuals who brought us “here”.


SoSoS stands for Science of Spirituality of Science. In the future, Spirituality and Science will go hand in hand, heart to heart – and mind to mind. Their union plays a big part in the collective re/building of meaningful human culture and coordination. 

Thought Leaders Today

We need leaders – not rulers. We need thought leaders – not thought rulers. Fortunately there are many good people out there doing the important paradigm shifting work of leading the world of thoughts, ideas, and implementation.

Useful Allegories

Stories and metaphores help us become wiser by putting the world into more sense-making perspectives.