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Solarpunkster, Writer, Thinker, Activist, Bodyworker, Former Council Bus Driver, Renewable Energy advocate & employee, Administrator, Librarian, and Community Organiser who will not be boxed in to what is generally thought possible.

The Worry Tree

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This is a story from India about the Worry Tree (Sorgenbaum).

There was once a village in which stood a large, old tree. One day the villagers were invited to pack up all their worries and hang them unto the tree. But in return, they had to take home with them someone else’s packet of worries. 

So it came.

Back at home, everybody unpacked their new, foreign pack of worries. Shock and horror went around as everybody realised that the other worry packets were much larger than one’s own. And so everybody swiftly went back to the Worry Tree to hang up the foreign worries and take home their own packet once more.

First read in “If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.“

Another useful allegory that widens our awareness, flexes our emotional and mental muscles by making us appreciate other people’s journeys, as well as our own, through a larger perspective.


Gusto Gräser 1930

Gusto Gräser: Gandhi or Lao Tzu of the West

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Poet, painter, pacifist, prophet – Gustav ‘Gusto’ Gräser (1879-1958) actively resisted BAU (Business As Usual) over 100 years ago and inspired a ton of people to think (and do) more laterally.

Introduced to me by Hermann Hesse (1877-1962), who was somewhat of a student of Gusto’s in the early 1900s, both these wonderful men feel like older brothers to me, or uncles maybe who, long ago, walked the treacherous path of non-mainstream existence.

True Status Quo Movers and Shakers in thoughts, words and deeds!

Gusto’s life shines a light on the numerous connections that tie him to other movers and shakers of Europe and the world at the time.

He consistently resisted conscription, lived as a hermit in a cave for years, influenced many famous writers, artists, and was jailed and exiled numerous times for speaking openly about trigger topics such as war, peace, nudity, humility, free love, and the environment.

Today, there is renewed appreciation for his life, work, and sacrifices, highlighting the awesome desire of ‘right doing’in humans on the one hand, and the active, perpetuated crushing of’right doing’ through the nation-, state-, and war machines, serviced by automaton human beings.

Gusto, you are not forgotten! Peace, brother.

Excellent content in English and other languages (photo taken from here):

German Links: 



Minds Social Networking Platform LOGO

Solarpunk-Style Social Media: Meet

Minds Social Networking Platform LOGO

MINDS are on their way to disrupt the big old social media players we have come to know, love, and loathe (useful, awesome, fun – yet a time,data, and privacy drain).

More power to MINDS! More power to us!

With the money from this funding round, we will grow our team and hire talented individuals to bring the Minds platform to the next level. Our plan is to focus deeply on engineering, marketing and support for the open source community. We hope to better harness the energy of Minds users, influencers and software developers globally.”

Ethical funding partner Medici state their overall mission is as follows:

We believe that by advancing blockchain technology we can bring the people of the world closer together. By eliminating the need for trust institutions to stand between us, blockchain offers humanity the chance to re-engage and connect once again as people. Blockchain technology offers us the chance to replace fear, suspicion, deception and fraud with trust, confidence and the ability to connect and transact freely with all people.”

Gorgeous, well, I am in.

Come find me on minds as@Solarpunkster and let’s be friends in an environment that is not engineered by big business interests.

The Godfather of Solarpunk interviewed: Adam Flynn

Adam Flynn wrote “Solarpunk: Notes towards a manifesto” three years ago. How far we have come! The article became a rallying cry for Solarpunksters everywhere, and Adam has been an important hub in the movement ever since (I’m not sure how he will like being called the “Godfather of Solarpunk” – but the title seems to suit him just fine in terms of symbolism!). Continue reading The Godfather of Solarpunk interviewed: Adam Flynn

What I learnt at the Mighty Car Mods meetup

Electric Nissan Skyline, capable of around 400kW.

1. People looooooooooove EV’s! James from Traction EV has copped a bit of flak from petrol heads over the last few years, but out there, at an event organised by people who encourage cooperation, respect and appreciation for and with each other, with the fully electric SHOCKR there in its clean, slick, understated glory with its twin electric motors that look like some kind of alien V8, Continue reading What I learnt at the Mighty Car Mods meetup

Fusion HEALth Salon @ Wonky Manor

Grassroots Healthcare supported by Grassroots Community Network!

When? Saturday, 8.7.17 from 9:30am-2:30pm

Where? Wonky Manor on Ekibin Rd, Annerley/Brisbane (exact address TBA)

What? A casual day of:

– learning about and trying out various kinds of health care
– brief interviews with practitioners – who we are, our philosophy and approach to healing, what we offer
– taking part in group classes
– hanging out, networking, sharing food, bonding… in short, building community in a festival type setting 🙂
– Indoor and outdoor activities with 3 massage and consultation spaces available
– Flying – KaHuna style
– Live Music, Jamming & creative corner for colouring in and releasing our inner children 🙂 with acesonued
Continue reading Fusion HEALth Salon @ Wonky Manor

Remedies to hypocrisy # 1

2017 has been a huge year for me, and I bet it has been for you too. Everybody’s been saying it. Challenging, rewarding, and all those nuances inbetween.

And the time’s gone so quick as well, quicker again, surely, than the year before, which went quicker than the year before that and so on…

My folks over in good ole Germany also had a bit of a huge year, not least because they will be moving in 4 weeks time (downsizing and all that) – and that’s why I am going over again – as a friendly littler helper, for a bit of a Northern Sea holiday and to spend precious time with those nearest and dearest I don’t get to hug in person all that much.

Alas, all this jetsetting begs the obvious question of ethical me:

What kind of a hypocrite solarpunkster am I?

Preaching water while gorging myself wine, much?

Going on another plane trip, jetting around the world like the privileged middle class white woman I am?


This ethical conundrum really hit me, where else but in the shower yesterday. What to do? How to live more true to my values? How to add more integrity to my life?

And the answer came up reasonable quick, no doubt thanks to the infinite wisdom of the universe that I have been surrendering to and tapping into and opening up to so much lately:

I shall plant some trees to offset my plane travels!

And it just so happens that my beloved has just moved to a property of several acres that is in need of more native trees and shrubs to give more privacy and attract more bird life!


So, this Solarpunkster is gonna commission a couple hundred dollars worth of trees to soak up her plane trip!


There are simple, often creative remedies for hypocrisy and so many other issues plaguing the world and humanity – here just one example.

Peace & love, siblings x

The Art of Solarpunks: acesonued

Since I first met Laura aka acesonued (pronounced: ah-key-so-noo-eed) at Zday 2015 in Brisbane, she has really embraced her own style. And that style has become more and more Solarpunk whenever I had the pleasure of checking it out. Or the other way around, acesonued is defining the Solarpunk style more and more –  after all the Solarpunk style is still being birthed by artists just like her.

acesonued’s visual art is an expressive scifi-manga-co(s)mic-psychedelic-solarpunk fusion which I would call Dali-esque at times (not that I have many visual artsy credentials but I know Dali-dream style when I lay eyes on it!) – colourful, explosive, thoughtful, multi-faceted – in short, beautiful.

16715868_1459411790760442_359710060294127892_oIf that wasn’t Solarpunk enough yet, acesonued is also a musician. She plays guitar and piano, writes her own music and portrays it in her angelic voice – acting as much-needed and appreciated support in the healing of our Great Mother Earth and our own kind.


I greatly admire acesonued’s dedication to her creative expression, her art and style. She really lives on a different plane than most, sees the world with different eyes, and through her visions and creations shapes the world around her for the better – baby step by baby step.

Just like most of us Solarpunks do!

acesonued is showcasing her work and playing some tunes this coming weekend at her cave in Annerley, Brisbane, so come on over, say hi – and maybe even support her by buying a print that calls out to your heart’s desire…


Connect with acesonued:




Support acesonued on patreon:

acesonued solarpunk skizze

acesonued dimensions

The Work of Solarpunks: Rob Brezsny

Rob Brezsny is a writer, musician, astrologist and “culture hero”, who has added priceless amounts of beautiful soul, mind and <3 food to the world since the eighties.

My housemate, friend and fellow writer Michelle Karen has followed his quirky-creative-hilarious-beautiful-uplifting (and usually spot-on) zodiac predictions for years. She leant me his book “Pronoia”, which is like an intriguing Solarpunk bible that I open at a random spot when I feel down and then don’t want to put down. Pronoia kickstarts our gratitude mode and inspires us to improve ourself, our lives, our relationships – and through all that, the world around us. In baby steps, in giant leaps, through dreaming, screaming or chilling the f*%# out – pretty sure Free Will Astrology will float your boat in various ways, just like the whole culture and genre of Solarpunk really 🙂

Some praise from Rob’s website:

“Like a mutant love-child of Jack Kerouac and Anais Nin, Rob Brezsny writes with devilish humor, spiritual audacity, and erotic intensity. The Televisionary Oracle is a kick-ass gnostic tale. Prepare to be astonished.”
Jay Kinney (author, Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions


In one of Sacred Uproar’s signature performance art pieces, Brezsny offers revelers the chance to get married to themselves. “Let’s all just admit,” he says early on in the wedding ceremony, “that none of us is ever likely to find our perfect partner or create the juicy romance we deserve until we first master the art of loving ourselves with great ingenuity.”


Get sucked into Rob’s book, “The Televisionary Oracle“, with the first few chapters available to read online:

Welcome to the Televisionary Oracle

Coming to you on location from your repressed memory of paradise

Reminding you that you can have anything you want if you’ll just ask for it in an unselfish tone of voice

Programmed to prevent the global genocide of the imagination


Hi, beauty and truth fans, and welcome to The Most Secret Spectacle on Earth, brought to you by the Menstrual Temple of the Funky Grail, Beauty and Truth, Inc., and Twenty-Two Minutes of World Orgasm.


We’re your hosts with the Holy Ghost grins, and we’re proud to announce that this is a perfect moment. This is a perfect moment because you, my beloved friends and teachers, have taken the first step in a ritual which could lead to the end of your amnesia.


At this perfect moment you have somehow managed, by fabulous accident or blind luck or ingenious tricks, to tune in to the Televisionary Oracle — proving that you’re ready to recover your repressed memories of your sublime origins, and know again the Thirteen Perfect Secrets from Before the Beginning of Time.


Welcome to the end of your nightmares! The world is young, your soul is free, and a naked celebrity is dying to talk to you about your most intimate secrets right now!


Just kidding. In actuality, the world is young, your soul is free, and at any moment you’ll begin to feel horny for salamanders, clouds, toasters, oak trees — and even the ocean itself!


Whoever you think you are, whatever friendly monsters you’ve tried to make into your gods and goddesses, whatever media viruses you might have invited into your most private sanctuaries-you can decide right now that your turning point has arrived. You can decide that you’re ready to change your lives … and change your signs … and change your changing. Because when you tuned in the Televisionary Oracle, you tuned into your own purified, glorified, unified, and mystifying self.


We’re your hosts for it all, beauty and truth fans. Your MCs for the Televisionary Oracle. Your listeners and your protectors and the sacred janitors we hope you’ve always wanted.


Does it matter what we call ourselves? You can refer to us any way you want. Your Sweet Fairy Godparents. Your Spirit Guides or Extraterrestrial Midwives or Personal Diplomatic Representatives to the Queen of Heaven.

Read more

rob brezsny

Solarpunks interviewed: Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro

Many thanks to the generosity of Abraham Martinez, editor of the digital weekly sci fi, horror and fantasy magazine “El Ojo de Uk”, for supplying this interview from a year ago!

It seems a great time to publish it again as the Brazilian anthology “SolarpunkHistórias Ecológicas e Fantásticas em um Mundo Sustentável“, which played a massive role in getting the Solarpunk movement off the ground in 2012, is about to be translated from Portuguese and published in English by World Weaver Press. I for one can’t wait to get into it!

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro is a Brazilian sci fi writer, editor and the anthologist that curated that precious first Solarpunk anthology, which also includes one of his works. He has published several novels and novelettes and won a few prizes for his work.

Abraham Martinez Where does the idea of “solarpunk” came from?

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro – Well, after the success of our steampunk short fiction anthology, Vaporpunk (2010), Draco’s publisher Erick Santos Cardoso invited me to organize a second anthology, also retrofuturistic in tone, but a bit more advanced in time, for its stories should take place in the beginning of the internal combustion engine age. He said that, if that second anthology also succeeds, there will be a third, not so much retrofuturistic as the previous ones, but one whose stories speak of self-sustaining (green) energy sources. So, our concept of a punk trianthology – that is, a trilogy of anthologies – was born. In fact, published in 2001, Dieselpunk was the first anthology on that new subgenre of retrofuturism in the whole world. And, one and a half year later, we launched Solarpunk (2012: digital; 2013: press), an anthology where we employed that “solarpunk” concept in a broad sense, for the short fiction narratives we chose to include spoke of several kinds of sustainable energy and not only the solar one.

AM – Why is it important to talk about “a brighter future”?

GL-R – Because many readers seem to be tired of those old dystopian plots. Perhaps, it is right time to write about greener and more inspiring futures, timelines not troubled by so much pollution, overpopulation, famine, mass extinctions and global warming. Stories and novels about fairly wise characters living in a rather mature civilization. Please, notice that I am not stating that shall not exist conflicts, dilemmas and human drama in those fictional solarpunk civilizations, because, in literary terms, aseptic utopias use to be rather dull. Thus, the authors’ challenge in the solarpunk subgenre is to build an interesting & loving piece of original fiction inside a greener future history.

AM – In space opera and cyberpunk there is always a “messiah” or “chosen one” as main character in the stories. Is solarpunk different? Why?

GL-R – While we do not have enough solarpunk fiction yet to plot an against-Messiah trend of sorts, I am prone to agree with you about the absence of Messianic characters in solarpunk narratives. Why is it so? In my opinion, that absence occurs because, in solarpunk fiction, characters don’t need to fight in and against their dystopic worlds. Or, maybe, because solarpunk authors usually enjoy building her/his fictional world from a more optimistic standpoint.

AM – The idea of a sustainable, equitable and fair future sounds like utopia. What does the solarpunk genre needs to root in the collective imagination?

GL-R – Ecological and fantastic narratives in a self-sustaining world (notice that it is the very translation of Solarpunk’s subtitle) are not necessarily dull like the standard utopia. Of course it’s easier for an author to build her/his plot on a cliché dystopic background. This is so easy that a great deal of the fantastic readerdom is sick of that kind of narrative. So, I think that the relevance of solarpunk narratives resides perhaps in their ability to present conflict and drama in an intelligent and fascinating manner within a self-sustaining future world.

AM – When will we have Solarpunk: Histórias ecológicas e fantásticas em um mundo sustentável translated to Spanish?

GL-R – A very good question, indeed. Unfortunately, I am not able to give a definitive answer, because, while both Draco publishing house and I, as anthologist, would love to see Solarpunk published in other languages, we know that is not easy to convince, say, a Spanish or a Hispanic American publisher to bet her/his money on this solar-powered underdog. However, the more we talk/write about this anthology, the more the people know about it and, in so doing, we increase its meager chances, right?

solarpunk portrait banner

***The image used is the cover of the 2012 SolarpunkHistórias Ecológicas e Fantásticas em um Mundo Sustentável anthology***