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Minds Social Networking Platform LOGO

Solarpunk-Style Social Media: Meet

Minds Social Networking Platform LOGO

MINDS are on their way to disrupt the big old social media players we have come to know, love, and loathe (useful, awesome, fun – yet a time,data, and privacy drain).

More power to MINDS! More power to us!

With the money from this funding round, we will grow our team and hire talented individuals to bring the Minds platform to the next level. Our plan is to focus deeply on engineering, marketing and support for the open source community. We hope to better harness the energy of Minds users, influencers and software developers globally.”

Ethical funding partner Medici state their overall mission is as follows:

We believe that by advancing blockchain technology we can bring the people of the world closer together. By eliminating the need for trust institutions to stand between us, blockchain offers humanity the chance to re-engage and connect once again as people. Blockchain technology offers us the chance to replace fear, suspicion, deception and fraud with trust, confidence and the ability to connect and transact freely with all people.”

Gorgeous, well, I am in.

Come find me on minds as@Solarpunkster and let’s be friends in an environment that is not engineered by big business interests.

Meet: The Swarm

Over the last eight months I have continued to be a lazy blogger. However I do have pretty valid excuses and exciting real-life results to show for it! In short, the laziness has not extended to my real life, rather I have been networking and organising and spending time to create and hold safe but casual space for people to come together and grow…something good.

This is our newly formed Theatre Group after its second workshop – what a great form of human bonding as well as gaining confidence and trust!


Unity. Trust. Creativity. Networks. Community! Cultivating a larger focus on the important things in life.

And that is also part of what The Swarm does. The Swarm was one of the network eddies that has extended its ripples my way, giving me the highly anticipated opportunity to connect with other #solarpunks.

The Swarm is a “new international community of artists, experts, creatives, dreamers, and change makers. We have come together to create new ways to shift the mainstream understanding of what is possible, to help re-invigorate smart campaigns about climate and system change, and link these to the mainstream through the power of arts and culture” (copied from Swarm website – I could not put it any more to the point!).

Now that the new website is going, our newly formed community is really starting to collaborate and brainstorm and empower each other. Exciting events and projects are in the creative pipeline, a new era of artivism is on its way…

Stay tuned and don’t be shy if The Swarm idea resonates in some way or other – this community is all about inclusion and participation. Actually, participation is the only way it will grow and prosper…

Below some artwork from one of The Swarm’s amazing visual artists, Camille aka Nylnook – this is RaDiCaL dReAmInG! #solarpunk YO!


Much Love & Peace