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System Change, anyone?

S/He looks at me with incomprehension.

‘What do you mean, no money…’

‘The current system, and I include here the political and the monetary system, as well as our culture and lifestyles attached to it, have got us this far – great! What I am suggesting is that it might be time for something new here. I mean, you know, look around you.’

Thick black smoke plumes from the forest fires in Indonesia. Fukushima farts radioactive toxins into the Pacific. In North America a young factory farm bull burps methane while digesting his fishmeal. A sand grain feels parched in the Sahara.

I wish I was back in the ocean…

Living the positive future

How to do that, we wonder.

Positive future living…pretty vague, too.

Wouldn’t it mean so many things to all the different people? What does it mean to you? I sure sounds hard. Being positive all the time… Plus, aren’t things way too far gone for us to even try? Human nature too dark and twisted to go down that ‘positive’ path which leads in the other direction?

Abundance and Peace – aren’t they outdated, hippie-ish, idealist and naive ideas that deserve to be ridiculed?

As I write this intro, especially the last sentence, I am shaking my head NO. Never too late too try. Not hard once we get started and ALL do it collectively. And human nature is like an onion – layer after layer of stuff, some hurts, some makes us and others cry, some beautiful and full of good stuff. Our onion-nature simply accumulates a lot of baggage that needs releasing and balancing in various ways along the track of our lives – but human beings are certainly not “bad-natured” by default.

And Abundance and Peace are the highest, most ethical, most moral, most wonderful and desirable goals to work and live for! Really, who would argue with that?

Labels get in our way a lot causing divisions…causing cracks in our unity… Seems to me like a good case for more community building, more individual empowerment, more bonding between different walks of life, more trust, more sharing and more connection.

Precisely our goals for the Zeitgeist Media Festival last month…Check out the article here.

Positive future living is possible RIGHT NOW!


The article that gave my novel a home…in Solarpunk!

I have been writing ‘The last Patriarchs’ since 2009. It has changed a lot and only in the last couple of years have I actually given it the time it deserves, taking off whole weekends (yes, I opted to stay home instead of going on fun camping trips) and generally spending time ‘in retreat’, away from others.

Doesn’t sound fun, does it…but it was to me!

Then, about a year ago, a friend from The Zeitgeist Movement posted this article titled “Solarpunk – a new movement sees the future in a positive light”.

I read the article and butterflies went apeshit in my tummy. I was excited. This was it, this was my genre, finally I had a home for my novel-baby that was cool and memorable (positive future fiction is a great way to define Solarpunk, but on its own it’s just not quite there…). Even though I usually dislike categorising things or people, I feel like a novel without a genre is like a child without parents or something. It’s a bit lost, homeless.

After the above abc article I quickly came across this article by Adam Flynn titled “Solarpunk – notes toward a manifesto” that goes more into the reasons why Solarpunk exists (“We’re solarpunks because the only other options are denial or despair.”) and gives more links to check out for art work and more reading.

Check it out and get sucked in!

Need – more – Solarpunky – content…

…so I will start by re-blogging some of my favourite pieces from the online Solarpunk community.

Through presenting my “What the heck is Solarpunk?” -presentation at the recent Zeitgeist Media Festival in Brisbane I hope to create an additional bit of buzz about this new art movement for a positive future!

So here is a post that was probably one of the first ones out there talking about Solarpunk. It has inspired me so much and I would like to send out a huge thank you to missolivialouise!

Woweeeee time flies when you’re having fun…

… sorting out your personal life and finishing a novel that has been lingering in the back of your head for over six years.
It has been seven months since my last post in March and wow, a lot has happened. Not just in my own life, but also in the world of Solarpunk!
There are lots of people writing about it, talking about it and writing IN it. I myself talk about it whenever someone is close that seems worthy of being inducted. Into the soon-to-be-mighty Solarpunk genre that shall change the gloomy mainstream perception of the future…
Here are just two examples of two recent anthologies, the first one free to download!

Watch this space as I am beginning to pour more time and energy into making this a hub for all things Solarpunk…making the future look just that little bit brighter!

The future? Full of collaboration and open sources

So, I am considering to join the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) and am stoked that I almost qualify for a full membership – I have held one speech on the topic of future (two are required) and I am about to publish a book – tadaaa! Once I have budgeted the US$195 membership fee, I will be honoured to (for now) apply as a provisional member. The possibilities of collaborating with other positive thinkers seem endless these days!

Aaaah the future…if you are not excited about it, consider shifting your paradigm!

Sensationalist dystopian hogwash

Is there anyone else sick of the endless run of sensationalist dystopian hogwash in the mighty mainstream current?

Not that I personally take too much notice, I just see the advertising on the buses I drive around town.

Instead, now go, you positive People power! Because the People hold the power! The People hold the positive power! And we would do well to remember that at all times.

My gut feelings are screaming and they shall not be silenced by $$ …

Is it not a shame that everything in our lives ultimately gets a dollar sign put on it?

Without our choosing or permission.

We know from all our most famous thinkers (philosophers and poets and writers, scientists) and from own experience that there is so much more to human lives than an ultra competitive, profit and greed driven society. Yet in the end we are all ruled by money. The One World Government; the One God that unites us all in wealth and in poverty has actually been in power for a long time now.

But there is an air of expectation in the air right now. It feels like something is upon us, like there is a different time coming.

Rather than go with what the negativists think about that, I just go with my gut feeling and say this is a time where we turn around looking back to our roots.

Back to what we actually are.

Who we actually are.

And what we actually want to live for.

Rather than living our dreams, we are living our worst nightmares right now, portrayed in countless dystopian movies and books.

My gut, however, is telling me that now comes the time where we humans say ‘stop’ to our nightmares; we say ‘stop’ to our rulers; we say ‘stop’ to those that have made us feel small and unimportant.

Because looking back at our roots, we realise that we are not unimportant!

We are important!

We are intelligent!

We are one pinnacle of billions of years of evolution (I won’t exclude dolphins here).

All our grand mistakes and grand advancements; all our super highs and super lows, all our learning and forgetting and re-learning; it has all brought us here.

And my gut just won’t stop shouting that now is the time to put into practise all that we have learnt.

So, what have we learnt? Pretty much that we are the meaning of life, for the insanely genius fact that we have developed consciousness to explore and study the meaning of life (Carl Sagan: “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”).

And, more to the point of this post, our incessant dealing with money is robbing us of our time to be healthy and happy and creative and cooperative and peaceful human beings.

Instead we appear to have become slaves to this system that is trying (or used to try or is pretending to try or may be trying?) to take care of us but failing quite miserably.

This may or may not be anyone’s fault or intention, but it is the way it is.

And so we are all victims of this massive system somehow, even if we don’t know about it or think that we are above it.

But this system (or much slicker: this matrix!) is actually not really that massive anymore. As we all know we have reached the digital age, which gives us the opportunity to connect with each other and it totally changes the game plan on the shaping of history. And we are making machines that are going to do most of the menial work for us, bringing with it the rise of technological unemployment…

…Sorry but I’m gonna leave you hanging there – more on this in the next few days, I need to get to work, carting matrix slaves to and from their work places…