Essence & Personality

What is Essence? What is Personality? How do they interact do make up you and me?

Essence is Being.

“One can never fake Being. One can fake knowledge, smoke screen of words, but we show our level of Being by our reactions especially to insults, disasters, disappointments.”

“The only true teacher is one who teaches by example.” -> “Who teaches so requires much Being.” (Robert DeRopp, Warriors Way)

Does contemporary culture nurture Your Personality or Your Essence?

Are you aware of the real You?

How many roles and masks do you play to partake in contemporary culture?


Is it possible to deplete Essence and Personality?

What would a depletion of Essence mean?

Spiritual Bankruptcy?

Are newborns “all essence?”

What would a depletion of Personality mean?

Total loss of ego?

How much personality are babies born with?


Natural, Real, One’s Own


leads to Universal Truth & Law

Why Universal Truth & Law?

Because Consciousness.

To build consciousness and understanding means to oppose the mechanical tendencies of my being (habits, belief systems, dogma, inculturation, sleep), and opens up space to glimpse higher truths and laws than those made by Man/human.


Artificial, Unreal, Foreign


leads to various forms of Slavery

Why Slavery?

Because Mechanicalness.

Because not enough Essence, not enough consciousness and awareness, too much sleep

“Man’s slavery keeps growing and He becomes a willing slave, a proud slave fond of His slavery, needs no chains.” (Gurdjieff)

Here we are adding the Trivium to the depiction of our circles of essence and personality to more deeply anchor our three-centeredness into our consciousness.

I have been fascinated by overlaying the circles of control and concern with essence and personality – matching up essence with control and influence, and personality with the external concerns in our daily lives.

Seems quite fitting indeed. 🙂

Essence & Personality