Does our desire for perfection alienate us from ourselves? For humans are so wonderfully imperfect!?!

That’s why this website and all the writing and research I do is less concerned with pompous over-styled design and parroting what is known or even accepted as fact and truth, and more concerned with intellectual originality, new connections between old facts and truths, and a truly compassionate and <3-centered approach.

Progress not Perfection. 

[One must carefully define “Progress” for this one, as massive Regress often plays along under the guise of Progress…]

Don’t let the Perfect get in the way of the Good.

[One of my favourites helping me a LOT to create this novel and website]

Perfection is Stagnation.

Perfectionism creates anxiety.

Gurdjieff and other 4th way teachers say that true Perfection for humans is living from PURE ESSENCE.

Desire for Perfection through PERSONALITY  -> Misery; evokes the opposite.

What do they mean by Essence & Personality?