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One big Family!

This morning at 4am I woke up and started thinking about family. An inspiring day spent with a friend must have sparked this topic, as we shared a hug and wished each other a ‘Good night, sister!’

And so my mind rambled on about brothers and sisters…and I felt that we humans are all brothers and sisters to each other. Considering the age of our home planet and the vast amount of time preceding our existence, all humans are  pretty much the same age.

So if we humans are siblings, then might animals be our aunties and uncles? They were here first, so they are older than us and not as closely related as we are to each other.

And so I related the mighty plant kingdom as our grandparents, quite a bit older than animals and a lot older than ourselves.

But where does that leave parents? …my 4am-state-of-mind wondered and wandered…and then I remembered Mother Earth and Father Sky and the circle closed.

All members of this (our) extended family are made of the same stuff – star stuff (I LOVE Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE9dEAx5Sgw )! Our own body’s particles are the same as the particles in everything else, be it in other humans, or animals, the plants and dirt in the garden, water, air… Our histories are intertwined, our existence tied closely together.

The holes in my early-morning-reasoning are obvious, yet so is the beauty of the simplicity of mirroring life on Earth in the familiar structure of western families.

And so it goes…if we fight each other, we fight ourselves. If we take care of each other and treat each other with respect, we will in turn be taken care of and respected.

Peace be with us, brothers, sisters and our extended family!