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The Godfather of Solarpunk interviewed: Adam Flynn

Adam Flynn wrote “Solarpunk: Notes towards a manifesto” three years ago. How far we have come! The article became a rallying cry for Solarpunksters everywhere, and Adam has been an important hub in the movement ever since (I’m not sure how he will like being called the “Godfather of Solarpunk” – but the title seems to suit him just fine in terms of symbolism!). Continue reading The Godfather of Solarpunk interviewed: Adam Flynn

Sensationalist dystopian hogwash

Is there anyone else sick of the endless run of sensationalist dystopian hogwash in the mighty mainstream current?

Not that I personally take too much notice, I just see the advertising on the buses I drive around town.

Instead, now go, you positive People power! Because the People hold the power! The People hold the positive power! And we would do well to remember that at all times.