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Fusion HEALth Salon @ Wonky Manor

Grassroots Healthcare supported by Grassroots Community Network!

When? Saturday, 8.7.17 from 9:30am-2:30pm

Where? Wonky Manor on Ekibin Rd, Annerley/Brisbane (exact address TBA)

What? A casual day of:

– learning about and trying out various kinds of health care
– brief interviews with practitioners – who we are, our philosophy and approach to healing, what we offer
– taking part in group classes
– hanging out, networking, sharing food, bonding… in short, building community in a festival type setting πŸ™‚
– Indoor and outdoor activities with 3 massage and consultation spaces available
– Flying – KaHuna style
– Live Music, Jamming & creative corner for colouring in and releasing our inner children πŸ™‚ with acesonued
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Remedies to hypocrisy # 1

2017 has been a huge year for me, and I bet it has been for you too. Everybody’s been saying it. Challenging, rewarding, and all those nuances inbetween.

And the time’s gone so quick as well, quicker again, surely, than the year before, which went quicker than the year before that and so on…

My folks over in good ole Germany also had a bit of a huge year, not least because they will be moving in 4 weeks time (downsizing and all that) – and that’s why I am going over again – as a friendly littler helper, for a bit of a Northern Sea holiday and to spend precious time with those nearest and dearest I don’t get to hug in person all that much.

Alas, all this jetsetting begs the obvious question of ethical me:

What kind of a hypocrite solarpunkster am I?

Preaching water while gorging myself wine, much?

Going on another plane trip, jetting around the world like the privileged middle class white woman I am?


This ethical conundrum really hit me, where else but in the shower yesterday. What to do? How to live more true to my values? How to add more integrity to my life?

And the answer came up reasonable quick, no doubt thanks to the infinite wisdom of the universe that I have been surrendering to and tapping into and opening up to so much lately:

I shall plant some trees to offset my plane travels!

And it just so happens that my beloved has just moved to a property of several acres that is in need of more native trees and shrubs to give more privacy and attract more bird life!


So, this Solarpunkster is gonna commission a couple hundred dollars worth of trees to soak up her plane trip!


There are simple, often creative remedies for hypocrisy and so many other issues plaguing the world and humanity – here just one example.

Peace & love, siblings x

The Work of Solarpunks: Rob Brezsny

Rob Brezsny is a writer, musician, astrologist and “culture hero”, who has added priceless amounts of beautiful soul, mind and <3 food to the world since the eighties.

My housemate, friend and fellow writer Michelle Karen has followed his quirky-creative-hilarious-beautiful-uplifting (and usually spot-on) zodiac predictions for years. She leant me his book “Pronoia”, which is like an intriguing Solarpunk bible that I open at a random spot when I feel down and then don’t want to put down. Pronoia kickstarts our gratitude mode and inspires us to improve ourself, our lives, our relationships – and through all that, the world around us. In baby steps, in giant leaps, through dreaming, screaming or chilling the f*%# out – pretty sure Free Will Astrology will float your boat in various ways, just like the whole culture and genre of Solarpunk really πŸ™‚

Some praise from Rob’s website:

“Like a mutant love-child of Jack Kerouac and Anais Nin, Rob Brezsny writes with devilish humor, spiritual audacity, and erotic intensity. The Televisionary Oracle is a kick-ass gnostic tale. Prepare to be astonished.”
Jay Kinney (author, Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions


In one of Sacred Uproar’s signature performance art pieces, Brezsny offers revelers the chance to get married to themselves. “Let’s all just admit,” he says early on in the wedding ceremony, “that none of us is ever likely to find our perfect partner or create the juicy romance we deserve until we first master the art of loving ourselves with great ingenuity.”


Get sucked into Rob’s book, “The Televisionary Oracle“, with the first few chapters available to read online:

Welcome to the Televisionary Oracle

Coming to you on location from your repressed memory of paradise

Reminding you that you can have anything you want if you’ll just ask for it in an unselfish tone of voice

Programmed to prevent the global genocide of the imagination


Hi, beauty and truth fans, and welcome to The Most Secret Spectacle on Earth, brought to you by the Menstrual Temple of the Funky Grail, Beauty and Truth, Inc., and Twenty-Two Minutes of World Orgasm.


We’re your hosts with the Holy Ghost grins, and we’re proud to announce that this is a perfect moment. This is a perfect moment because you, my beloved friends and teachers, have taken the first step in a ritual which could lead to the end of your amnesia.


At this perfect moment you have somehow managed, by fabulous accident or blind luck or ingenious tricks, to tune in to the Televisionary Oracle — proving that you’re ready to recover your repressed memories of your sublime origins, and know again the Thirteen Perfect Secrets from Before the Beginning of Time.


Welcome to the end of your nightmares! The world is young, your soul is free, and a naked celebrity is dying to talk to you about your most intimate secrets right now!


Just kidding. In actuality, the world is young, your soul is free, and at any moment you’ll begin to feel horny for salamanders, clouds, toasters, oak trees — and even the ocean itself!


Whoever you think you are, whatever friendly monsters you’ve tried to make into your gods and goddesses, whatever media viruses you might have invited into your most private sanctuaries-you can decide right now that your turning point has arrived. You can decide that you’re ready to change your lives … and change your signs … and change your changing. Because when you tuned in the Televisionary Oracle, you tuned into your own purified, glorified, unified, and mystifying self.


We’re your hosts for it all, beauty and truth fans. Your MCs for the Televisionary Oracle. Your listeners and your protectors and the sacred janitors we hope you’ve always wanted.


Does it matter what we call ourselves? You can refer to us any way you want. Your Sweet Fairy Godparents. Your Spirit Guides or Extraterrestrial Midwives or Personal Diplomatic Representatives to the Queen of Heaven.

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The Art of Solarpunks: Marina DeBris

There is plenty of art out there that could be “classified” as Solarpunk, but the genre is still so underground that not many identify with it (yet).

So I will introduce some artists who I would love to label as Solarpunks, even though labels don’t usually sit well with me…more on that in future posts. In the context of Solarpunk though, I am more than happy to label and be labelled, and hopefully so will these wonderfully inspiring individuals that currently form the centre of my artivism focus!

Making art and fashion – pardon me, I meant of course – trashion out of “junk” collected on beaches is how Marina DeBris encourages us to re-think, re-use and re-cycle stuff.

What an excellent, Solarpunky way to question how we use stuff and what happens to it when we are done with it.

DNA marina debris solarpunk

Easter ruminations and the four-day work week

Time. So elusive. So precious. We can measure time, but we can’t touch it. We can see it indirectly in the change from day to night, or the accumulation of wrinkles in the corner of one’s eyes.

For most of us, there never seems to be enough time in an afternoon, a day, a weekend or even a holiday to do everything we set our mind to. Time has become so precious it seems like a waste to spend it watching fictional characters on a screen live their lives, rather than live your own.

And yet, time is rarely mentioned in relation to our present state of well being, our social connections and our relationship with ourselves. Even less so in relation to the state our economies find themselves in.

Where am I going with this? Well, Easter is the only public holiday that goes over a full four days, giving everyone a little bit of extra time to reconnect with hobbies, nature and loved ones.

The happiness in people coming up to this long weekend is real – four days of freedom from tedious work tasks, annoying phone calls and emails, irritating co-workers and bosses. Apart from mainly self-inflicted stresses of present-giving and preparing lavish feasts this time can be spent doing what you choose.

That is all great and it makes me so happy to see people feel relaxed for a change. It leads to my question this Easter:

Do you think that people would be appreciative of a shorter work week?

Sure, some ‘motivation/inspiration-poor’ people will piss the extra time away watching TV, but others will take up new hobbies or get more into existing ones, spend quality time with families, reach creative heights, discover new potentials and repair frayed nerves.

Obviously there are people who love their jobs (or think they do because it makes them feel better), but is it not healthy to leave room for some ‘anti-work’ anyway?

Sweden is testing out the six-hour workday and I seem to hear people of all nationalities crying out for that or the four-day work week.

Is not being time-poor nearly as bad as being financially poor, in that it limits the time available to pursue your interests, those things that make you a happy and balanced creature?

Does the full-time work week do justice to our complex human nature that hungers for variety, learning, social interactions, creativity and the unfolding of ones’ potentials?

All the machines and inventions of the last hundred or so years were supposed to make our lives easier, free us from tedious tasks. Well, they did get the housewife out of the house, only to then put her into the workforce along with her husband. All this somehow equates to more of us working longer hours to pay for the luxuries of washing machines, dry cleaning and microwaves.

Computers have made us more productive and efficient, with the result that one person now does the job of many and ends up having a nervous breakdown.

But who defines what productivity is anyway? I am being productive sitting here, typing my Easter ruminations to inspire thoughts in you, the reader. You are being productive by tapping into what is going on in the blogging world. But neither of us is getting paid financially, rather we get paid in feelings of accomplishment, connectedness, inspiration, motivation or whatever.

How is that not productive?

Compare that to the paper and email shuffling that goes on in companies or the kindergarten displays of politicians during question time!

But wait, productivity is related to production output and “the more productive the economy is, the higher our living standards will be” says the Australian Productivity Commission. Wow, what a punch in the face that website is, I almost wish I had not looked (but it make for an entertaining future blog post about higher living standards in relation to happiness). It goes with the whole problem of unpaid house- and child-rearing work which women have traditionally been responsible for and which has gone largely ignored to this day. Except that today it is hard to ignore the amount of children screaming for more attention from their poor, time-poor parents.

Head shaking.

On top of a full-on full-time work week that leaves little to the imagination we have home lives that need work and add other pressures, such as children, partners, bills, mortgages/rents and finding food that won’t slow-poison us.

We are all due a bit of slack, so much is obvious to me.

So, imagine having an extra 52 days every year to do stuff that you like/love/choose to do! πŸ˜€

Would that not very likely result in more happiness and well being which seems quite elusive to us in our current ‘productivity for production’s sake’ rut?

Being time poor appears to be no accident, it seems we (the ‘consumers’) are kept on a tight leash that dictates how we live our lives to an extremely large degree.

The time is now to take some control back of that leash and start to claim what we and the tireless generations before us have been working for: more spare time to be human.