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Improv that Reclaims Public Space

One of the things Solarpunks like to do in their spare time is finding ways to enrich their own lives and those of others’. Doesn’t sound punk enough? Well, rethinking (and then actioning) where we gather to make any kind of art plays a role in system change, just like any other action does when we remind ourselves that we are making history everyday.

Solarpunks keep interaction with the dominant system to a minimum, bend rules and leave impressions to challenge the status quo.

This friendly bunch of Brisbane Solarpunks likes to sing and jam together, and a few weeks ago they set out to explore interesting public places in terms of their acoustics.

The stormwater drain near the highway boasted street art, mad acoustics, and friendly dogs being taken for walks. It also proved suitable for a celebratory glass of champagne.

The stone stairwell at one of our big universities enthralled…angelic echoes and heavenly vibrations…where time stops being and being takes over, without thought but with voice, hum hum hummmmmm … trying out new tunes without feeling self conscious as they are meant to be there… notes with neither beginning nor end, where it’s obvious that sound was there first…

Cosmic Harmonic Stairwell Improv