What is Visions?
– Visions is my labour of love from the last 9 years. It is a novel set in Brisbane in south-east Queenslasd, Australia, and Northern Germany in 2050.

What is Visions about?
– It is a story about a collection of people from varied backgrounds and generations going through an extraordinary time in their lives. The Vision is meant to inspire us to manifest and work towards a different future than plain old “business as usual,” a future that is not just focused on advances in technology, but also on advances in human wisdom.

Where is the rest of the chapters?
– Visions is a novel I am still writing and editing and changing, tearing up and re-writing…so only the first few chapters are any good for the readers at this point…!

I have been making some good progress with a rewrite at the end of 2017, and birthing this novel is one of my goals for this year, so stay tuned…but maybe don’t hold your breath just yet!